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  Automating the Network Logon

I need to have Windows 95 set up for a network logon but it's a nuisance entering a password every time I boot the system. Even if I use a blank password, I still have to press the Enter key to complete the logon dialog. Is there any way to automate this?

The easiest way to automate the Windows 95 network logon is to obtain a utility called "Tweak UI" from Microsoft's Power Toys web page. Tweak UI installs as a Control Panel applet that allows you to modify a number of useful Windows 95 settings. When you choose the Tweak UI Network tab, you will encounter a property sheet that lets you enter a username and password; checking "Log on automatically..." will cause Windows 95 automatically to enter this username and password during network logon.

There is one drawback to this method: Your password is stored in the registry as plain text. Someone could determine your password by inspecting the registry with the Regedit program. Of course, if you are really concerned about revealing your logon password, you probably wouldn't want an automatic logon anyway.


Maintained by William K. Walker
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Last update: 19 May 97