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  Dial-Up Server: Can't See Network

When I dial into my Windows 95 machine at work using the Dial-Up Server, the other systems and resources in the workgroup do not show up in the Network Neighborhood.

This really is a feature, not a bug. By default, Windows 95 does not enable the Browse Master for "slow" network links. The thinking here is that you don't want the extra communications overhead when you are shoving bits back and forth over a telephone line. There are two alternatives for dealing with this:

Alternative #1: Enter the name of the shared resource directly. Suppose you have a machine in the workgroup named Suzy with a shared folder named foobar. You can choose "Map Network Drive" from Explorer's Tools menu and enter the path, \\suzy\foobar, directly. Of course, this method doesn't work too well if you don't remember the name of the resource you are trying to use.

Alternative #2: Enable the Browse Master on the host system. This is what most folks do.
* Run Control Panel. Launch the Network applet.
* Highlight (click on) File and printer sharing for Microsoft Networks.
   Click the Properties button.
* In the resulting dialog, change the value for Browse Master from
   "Automatic" to "Enabled."

Reference: Windows 95 Secrets, 3rd Edition, by Livingston and Straub,
IDG Books, ISBN 1-56884-453-0, page 734. Also see the Microsoft Windows 95 Resource Kit, Microsoft Press (1-800-MSPRESS).


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