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  Network Neighborhood: Cannot Access Windows NT 4.0 Resources

I have two machines on the network, one using Windows NT 4.0 and the other Windows 95. They are both in the same workgroup.
     The Windows 95 machine (Liberty) can see the Windows NT system (Life) in the Network Neighborhood. However, when you double click on Life, it asks you for a password for \\LIFE\IPC$.

What's going on here is that there needs to be an account on the Windows NT machine that matches the network logon name for the Windows 95 computer. For example, the network logon for my Win95 system is "Bill." And I have an account, with appropriate privileges, for user "Bill" on the NT machine. The password you assign to your NT account will be the default password needed to access shared resources across the network on the NT computer.
     Also, you need to make sure that you have established your shared resources properly on the NT system. The hard drive partition(s) will already appear to be shared but, in fact, this is only "administrative" housekeeping -- that's where the "IPC$" stuff comes from. You still need to set the parameters for each item you intend to share, much as you would under Windows 95.

Reference: Beats me, I just sort of figured it out. There's probably something in the Windows NT help files somewhere. If you want to know what IPC$ means (assuming you can wade through the jargon), look at article
Q101150 in the Microsoft Knowledge Base (GO MSKB on CompuServe).


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