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  Hint: Storing Addresses the Easy Way

The easiest way to add an entry to your personal address book is to let Exchange figure it out for you. Suppose you received a message from Zoot Finsterwald. Zoot's name and email address will appear in the "From" line at the top of the message. Double-click on the name and you will get a property sheet with his display name, email address and email type already filled in. Just click on the button labeled "Add to: Personal Address Book."
     The same technique works for any name displayed in the message header, including names on the "To" and "CC" lines.

There are a couple of caveats, though. If Zoot is on AOL, for example, his Internet address will show up in both the name and address fields -- e.g., "" You'll probably wish to change his name to something more meaningful. Also, keep an eye on the checkbox labeled "Always send to this recipient in Microsoft Exchange rich-text format." Exchange likes to enable this option. If the recipient does not use Exchange/Windows Messaging, clear the checkbox.

This topic was suggested by Sandy Garrett.


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