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Internet Mail: Accessing Multiple Accounts

I am trying to find a way in which I can auto access two different Internet service providers (ISP's) with whom I have e-mail addresses.

Well, this calls for my standard, all-purpose answer to computer questions: "It depends." In this case, it depends on whether you are using Outlook or Exchange/Windows Messaging...

The Exchange (or Windows Messaging) Internet Mail Service does not support multiple email accounts, so the "official" way to handle this is to create separate Exchange profiles for each ISP. I find it easiest to get one profile working and then make copies of it (right-click on the Inbox icon, choose Properties, click the "Show profiles" button, click the "Copy" button). You can then modify the copied profile(s) to access the other email account(s).
That being said, there is an unofficial way to use multiple Internet email accounts within a single Exchange profile. You can find a description of this technique at Sue Mosher's Slipstick Systems Exchange Center. It has a few eccentricities, but it is supposed to work. Try it at your own risk and don't blame me if you get in trouble.

Now, if you are using Outlook, or are willing to upgrade to it, life gets a bit simpler -- if not easier. Outlook is an enhanced version of Exchange and will eventually replace it. It's part of Microsoft Office and a "lite" version known as Outlook Express is distributed as part of Internet Explorer 4.0. A more advanced version of the Internet Service, the Outlook Internet Mail Enhancement Patch (IMEP), supports multiple email accounts in a single profile. IMEP is incorporated into Outlook 8.02 or you can download it from Microsoft. IMEP does not work with Exchange. Rather than go straight to Microsoft for this stuff, I suggest you go to Sue Mosher's site first. She has posted a good article on IMEP, as well as a detailed discussion on Outlook upgrades.

Reference: Look in the Microsoft Knowledge Base -- for mail client issues under Windows 95, you'll have your best luck searching on "Windows Messaging" or "Outlook"; "Exchange" tends to turn up mostly Exchange Server articles. Even better, browse through Sue Mosher's Slipstick Systems Exchange Center.


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