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  Weird "Forms Registry" Error

I just reinstalled Exchange (or Windows Messaging) and I'm getting some sort of weird "Forms Registry" error when I try to look at one of my messages.

The Microsoft Technical Support Knowledge Base has an excellent article, Q137245, on dealing with all sorts of strange Exchange/Windows Messaging-related problems like this. It specifies a detailed series of steps for resolving such issues. However, there's a fair chance that you can take care of the forms registry nuisance by running a little program called mlset32.
     Exit from Exchange -- use the Exit and Log Off entry under the File menu, preferably. Launch Windows Explorer and take a look in the folder where the Exchange program resides (probably C:\Program Files\Microsoft Exchange or C:\Program Files\Windows Messaging). You should see a program named mlset32. Run it by double-clicking on it. Restart Exchange (actually, it wouldn't hurt to restart your system at this point) and see if you can look at your messages without getting your hand slapped. If this doesn't fix the problem, grab the Knowledge Base article I mentioned.
     [Sandy_G pointed out that there is an easier way to find and run mlset32: Click the Windows 95 Start button; select Find => Files or Folders; type "mlset32" into the search field; click the Find Now button; a program named "Mlset32.exe" will show up in the search results area; double click on the program name to run mlset32.]

MS Knowledge Base, article Q137245 (on CompuServe, GO MSKB).


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