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Adjective Inflation

Well, this little article started out being about inflated adjectives but has -- er, uh -- inflated into a general list of overblown and deceptive computer industry terminology. Viz...

what they say what it means
palmtop computer notebook computer
notebook laptop
portable it has a handle attached to one exterior surface
compatible close enough that you can program around it
bug-for-bug compatible compatible
preview release beta test (maybe alpha) version that anyone can download for free because we are worried about market share
pre-release see "preview release"
client desktop case
server tower case
network server server
fault tolerant crashes without losing data
network ready network card pre-installed
entry level inadequate
upgradeable see "entry level"
integrated proprietary
leading edge up to date when the ads were placed
software engineer programmer
registration card marketing survey

Do you have more examples? Send them to me!

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