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  "Save Password" Checkbox Grayed Out

When I get a password dialog box during a dial-up session, the Save Password checkbox is grayed out. I can enter a password and log in, but I can't save it.

Password caching is not enabled unless you install a network client. (Yes, I know that you didn't install a network client because you didn't need a network client. Don't tell me, tell Microsoft.) This is a "feature" of Windows 95. I usually install the Client for Microsoft Networks when I run into this problem, although you can install the NetWare client, if you wish.
     Bring up the Control Panel and launch the Network applet. Click the "Add" button.
     In the next dialog, highlight (click on) "Client" and click the "Add" button.
     The resulting dialog will display a list of manufacturers on the left. Highlight "Microsoft" and, from the list that appears on the right, highlight "Client for Microsoft Networks." Click the "OK" button. See the link below for more details.

MS Knowledge Base, article Q137361.


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