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  "Save Password" Doesn't Work

I enter a password, making sure the Save Password check box is checked, but Windows won't remember my (blankety-blank, obscene, unprintable) password!

This usually happens right after you've installed Windows 95 Service Pack 1 (SP1). SP1 includes enhancements to Windows 95 password caching. Unfortunately, it also introduces a nice little bug: The password list gets corrupted the first time you access it after installing SP1. You need to, in effect, reset your password cache.
     Look in your Windows directory. You will have one or two pwl files. One of them will incorporate your login name (e.g., billw.pwl), the other, if you have it, will be named rna.pwl. Either delete or rename these files. Restart your computer. At this point, you will need to reenter all of your passwords, but Windows will "remember" them after that.
     It would also be a really good idea to go to the
Windows 95 Updates page and grab the "Password List Update." Install this before you zap your pwl files.

MS Knowledge Base, article Q148925.


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