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  SU0168 Error During Installation -- Method #4

The Windows 9x/ME setup program on the "full" and "OEM" distributions exits with an "SU0168" error if it thinks you are attempting to upgrade from a previous version of Windows. Nevertheless, you can perform an upgrade with the following technique.
     This approach is similar to
method #3, but requires that you have a bootable "Startup" diskette for the version of Windows you desire to install. You also need to ensure that your system will not automatically run Windows when you boot to the hard drive.

1. Boot to the "Startup" diskette. Issue the command sys c: to copy a new MS-DOS bootstrap and system to your hard drive.
2. Reboot your system from the hard drive.
3. Start the Windows setup program. If you are loading from diskettes, it will be A:\SETUP, where "A" is the letter of your diskette drive. For the CD-ROM distribution, it is usually D:\WIN95\SETUP (or D:\WIN98\SETUP or D:\WIN9X\SETUP), where "D" is the letter of your CD-ROM drive.
Note: If you already have a \windows directory (and you probably will), Setup will attempt to install Windows 9x/ME to \windows.000. Change this directory specification to \windows (or wherever your old version of Windows  is installed) if you wish to perform an upgrade.
Also note: If you are installing from CD, this procedure assumes you will have arranged to load the necessary CD-ROM drivers when you boot to the hard drive. To paraphrase my old Physics teachers, the details of this are left as an exercise to the reader.

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