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  SU0168 Error During Installation -- Method #3

The Windows 9x/ME setup program on the "full" and "OEM" distributions exits with an "SU0168" error if it thinks you are attempting to upgrade from a previous version of Windows. Nevertheless, you can perform an upgrade with the following technique:

1. Boot directly to MS-DOS. If running Windows 3.1x, you could also just exit to MS-DOS. Do not simply launch an MS-DOS prompt ("DOS box") from within Windows. If you will be installing from a CD-ROM, make sure that the appropriate MS-DOS drivers are loaded.
2. Locate and rename the files WIN.COM and WINVER.EXE -- WIN.COX and WINVER.EXX are good choices. They will probably be in your \windows directory. If there are other copies of these files elsewhere on your hard drive(s), remove or rename them, too.
3. Start the Windows 9x/ME setup program. If you are loading from diskettes, it will be A:\SETUP, where "A" is the letter of your diskette drive. For the CD-ROM distribution, it is usually D:\WIN95\SETUP (or D:\WIN98\SETUP or D:\WIN9x\SETUP), where "D" is the letter of your CD-ROM drive.
Note: If you already have a \windows directory (and you probably will), setup will attempt to install Windows 9x to \windows.000. Change this directory specification to \windows (or wherever the previous version of Windows is installed).

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