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  SU0168 Error During Installation -- Method #2

Another technique from the Usenet archives for upgrading a Windows 3.1x installation using the "full" or "OEM" Windows 95 distribution...

This might also work for upgrading Windows 95 to a later version of Windows, although user feedback on this has not been encouraging.

This is a slightly edited version of a message posted on by Norman Bevitt (, Enterprise PLC - Internet Services.
  1. Reboot your PC and start up the previous installed Windows 3.1x as usual.
  2. Insert your Windows 95 CD-ROM or diskette #1 into the drive. Let's assume a drive ID of "D" for your drive although any other identifier will do.
  3. Launch the "SETUP.EXE" program, located either in "D:\" or "D:\WIN95". To accomplish this, you may either launch the file manager, change to drive "D:" and start Setup by double-clicking it's name on the file list or you may choose "File/Run....."from the program manager. See the various text files on your Windows95 distribution for additional parameters to specify for Setup.
  4. Depending on the parameters you specified, several dialog boxes appear. Acknowledge them with "Ok" or "Continue", up to the License dialog box. DO NOT PRESS ANY BUTTON IN THE LICENSE DIALOG BOX !!! If you do, Setup will bring up the SU0168 error message, terminate itself and you will have to restart from stage (3).
  5. Switch to the program manager (or equivalent shell) by using ALT + TAB or entering the task manager with CTRL + ESC and double clicking on the program manager entry.
  6. Launch a windows text editor, NOTEPAD.EXE for example. Select "File/Open....." Examine your hard disks for a directory called "X:\WININSTO.400 or so, where "X" stands for your hard disk's identifier. Setup created this directory on the first drive, that has enough free space to hold all the files needed for the installation process. From this directory select the file "SETUPPP.INF" to edit.
  7. In the file, you will see a line containing the string "[data]". Insert a new line right below the [data]-line and type the string "OEMUP=1". The piece of text should now look like the following


    Save the changed file and quit the editor.
  8. Now switch back to the setup program using the methods described in (5). You will see the License dialog box again. Read the license text carefully. If you agree to its contents, press the "Ok" button.
  9. If everything worked out fine, the next window you should see is the Setup Wizard main window. From now on, follow the instructions given by the Setup Wizard. If you still get the "SU0168" message, something went wrong. In this case, repeat the whole thing, beginning with step (3).

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