As promised, I've started a series of columns on basic computer topics called A Little Knowledge. The first article discusses buying modems; the second, recently introduced, talks about choosing a new monitor. The idea here is to cover those subjects that everyone just assumes you know about when the computer manuals get written. What do you need to worry about when you buy a modem? . . .or a monitor? . . .and what can you ignore? How do you get effective tech support? How should you organize your disk so it doesn't look like a six-year-old's bedroom? How important is file backup (answer: very) and how do you go about it? I'll try to give you answers to these and many other questions with a minimum of techno-babble. See below for a tentative list of titles and don't hesitate to contact me with suggestions. I'd much rather write by request than guess.

Also, keep an eye on the Last Update column. I may add or change material in an existing article from time to time. New! If you wish, you can be automatically notified via email whenever an ALK article is added or updated. Just use the form on the URL-Minder Page.

Title (tentative in most cases)
  10 Mar 97 How to Buy a Modem -- Getting Online Through the Hype

  01 Dec 96

Buying a New Monitor -- Dot Pitches and Sales Pitches


Talking to Tech Support -- Elevator Music Appreciation


Backup or Back Up -- Can You Say "Bit Bucket?"


Disk Organization -- Clean Up Your Room, Kid!


Going Online -- I've a Feeling We're Not in Kansas Anymore…


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