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Welcome to Bill Walker's Home Page

At WorkAs the little androgynous At Work symbol indicates, this site is still very much under construction. For now, I'm offering links to a page describing my business, North Valley Digital, of which I am the owner and (so far) sole employee, and to my resumé. Also, don't miss the North Valley Digital staff photo. You can get FastRS here, too, a program that calculates sunrise and sunset for the Bahá'í Fast. Here are some of the things I will likely include in the future:
  • links to some interesting Montana sites (the North Fork Hostel, for instance),
  • a (very) short list of "must have" shareware applications for Windows 95,
  • a few little software tidbits (amusing stuff), and
  • anything else that appeals to my fancy.

New! ALK is here! WhertRA Arrives!
As promised
, I've started a series of columns on basic computer topics called A Little Knowledge. The first article discusses buying modems; the second deals with purchasing a new monitor. The idea here is to cover those subjects that everyone just assumes you know about when the computer manuals get written. What do you need to worry about when you buy a modem? . . .or a monitor? . . .and what can you ignore? How do you get effective tech support? How should you organize your disk so it doesn't look like a six-year-old's bedroom? How important is file backup (answer: very) and how do you go about it? I'll try to give you answers to these and many other questions with a minimum of techno-babble. See the ALK page for a tentative list of titles and don't hesitate to suggest other subjects. I'd much rather write by request than guess.

I've also started building the WhertRA site. WhertRA is an acronym for "Where the Rocks Are", a sort of personal FAQ containing answers to questions that I am asked frequently and solutions to problems that I have found particularly vexing. As a bonus, you have an opportunity to read the dumb joke that inspired the title. And, by the way, WhertRA looks really nice if you have the Georgia font installed.

Feel free
to drop me a line. Also feel free to use my PGP public key to encrypt your correspondence.

This page was created originally with Microsoft Word 7.0 and Word Internet Assistant, mainly because it was an easy way to figure out the table stuff. Mind you, Internet Assistant is not bad at all -- especially for a freebie -- but I have not yet found a web authoring tool that completely satisfies me (like this really matters).
     Continuing this theme, I have been messing around with Microsoft FrontPage for some time now. This is definitely a better approach, although still not without its annoyances. Nevertheless, FrontPage 3.0 (aka FrontPage 98) in conjunction with Paint Shop Pro and HTMLib provides a fairly competent tool set at a very reasonable price.


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